Chameleon Color Consulting

Color solutions for your home and Office

How long should I expect my appointment to be?
How long should I expect my appointment to be?
Can you help with other aspects of decorating as well as paint selection?
What are your available hours?
What is the cost?

I offer weekdays from 9.00am to 2.00pm or weekend hours when available. As long as we have good daylight I can help you.
Yes, and I often do. Many of the clients I work with initially on color consulting ask me back to help with other decorating projects. As new clients become repeat clients I find myself involved in remodels, construction, and many other areas of their home decor plans. If you have decorating requirements please contact me, and I'll help if I can. If a project is beyond my field of knowledge, I'll be honest and try to pass you along to someone who may help. 
Before our appointment I always like to ask my clients to consider what furniture and which accessories (if any) will remain in the rooms we'll be looking at. 

It's often not a good idea to choose colors for a home whilst belongings are in storage, unless key items can be pulled out. Also I like to ask clients to think about any item that they are particularly fond of because of it's color. It doesn't necessarily have to be a home decor item, and often isn't. Good examples of how this exercise has worked well, are the times a client pulled out a man's tie, a grandmothers teacup, and a pair of ladies shoes.

Believe it or not such items can be excellent bouncing of points for amazing color schemes.
My minimum appointment is 1 hour. This is enough time for one or a few rooms with simple connecting color palettes. 

For several spaces with different requirements usually 2 hours will suffice. For a large space, an open plan home or multiple disconnected areas, maybe 3 hours or more would be required.
I'm looking to repaint my house: What should I expect from my appointment?

Once we've made an appointment that suits your schedule I visit your home with full Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams color libraries.

The goal is to select a color palette that you're thrilled with, that pushes the boundaries of where you thought you could be.

I leave you with 4"x4" paper samples of the selected colors and take photos using an app that allows me to annotate your pictures with the color locations throughout your home or office. I email this digital document to you. This proves very useful for relaying the proposal to contractors after the meeting.
My consulting rate for 2015 is $80 per HOUR, with a 1 hour minimum charge. Any time over an hour will be charged at a 1/2 hour rate and after that to the next hour. Please trust that I will always be fair.

"Day rates" can be arranged for special circumstances, such as construction visits between a home and construction site.

For clients beyond a 30 minute drive of Castle Rock CO, I charge a $40 (half an hour consulting time) travel fee